Evoca vs Satellite TV

Evoca vs Satellite Services

Worried about the end of that satellite promotional period? When your monthly fee increases and the size of your wallet shrinks? At Evoca, what you see is what you get -- a low monthly fee that stays that way. And forget about the pesky hidden fees, too!



Average fee paid by consumers*


$107 /mo

Hidden fees


DVR fees, HD access, late fees

Live TV?



Promotional Period

No. We pass along savings year round, year after year.

Yes, and the price of service increases when it ends.

Contract required


Yes, 2 years

Equipment required

Antenna, Scout

Satellite, Genie or Hopper

Cost of equipment

Lease Scout for $5/mo buy it for $100. Excludes antenna cost.

DirecTV: 1st free + 4.99/mo additional receivers + $6/mo DVR fee +10/mo HD access fee

Dish: $5-16 for Hopper + $15/mo DVR