It’s not cable. It’s not satellite.
It’s a smarter way to watch TV.

TV shows, movies, local news and live sports. $9.50/month for life.

Pair our Scout receiver with any antenna, and you can watch the TV shows, movies, local news and live sports you love.

Why Evoca?

HD resolution up to 4k
Less buffering
On-demand programming
Live programming
No hidden fees
No contracts

How it works

Meet Scout, Evoca’s trusty receiver that works with a standard TV antenna and your internet connection. Scout uses an innovative blend of broadband and broadcast to search and adjust for optimal bandwidth. That means, if you’re watching TV, you won’t have to compete for bandwidth with other people in your house playing games, videoconferencing, or streaming video. You’ll still get the best picture with less buffering or glitchy stuff, the way TV should be. Imagine that.

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