Frequently Asked Questions

We’re part-time mind readers. Your questions are answered below.


We have launched our service in the Treasure Valley and Phoenix!  We’ll be launching in Colorado Springs in October. 

Click here to see if service is available in your zip code.

One of the many exciting features of new NextGen TV technology is a wide range of coverage. However, there may be certain hilly or wooded areas that have weaker signal strength. Click here to see if service is available in your neighborhood.

To access Evoca’s NextGen TV service, you must live in a community where an Evoca television tower is broadcasting. In Colorado Springs, we will offer an OTT service until our tower is up and running in 2022. We appreciate your interest in Evoca and are building out the needed ATSC 3.0 infrastructure as fast as we can. 

Sign up here for updates on our expansion plans. 

We’ll be adding more channels in the coming months as we grow our subscriber base. Our goal is to offer a breadth of networks and programs that will appeal to everyone!

Getting Started

You will need Internet service, an antenna, and Scout to get started. We recommend a minimum Internet speed of 5 Mbps.

Though 4K TVs aren’t required to enjoy Evoca’s service, they provide the highest possible picture quality.

Scout is Evoca’s smart TV receiver that connects a television, antenna and Internet to deliver live and on-demand programming while using over-the-air technology to conserve Internet bandwidth.

Every television set in your home needs its own Scout to access Evoca’s service.

Due to high demand, only one Scout is available per household at launch.

Right now, Scout is only available online at We hope to offer Scout for sale at retail in 2022.

Step 1: Connect your antenna.

Find the best location to mount your antenna and connect it to Scout using a coaxial cable.

Step 2: Connect to Internet.

Connect Scout to your Internet modem using an ethernet cable. If you prefer to use Wi-Fi, follow the instructions on-screen after you have powered up your television.

Step 3: Connect to television.

Using a HDMI cable, connect to Scout and any HDMI port on your television.

Step 4: Connect to power.

Connect power supply to Scout using the USB-C cable. Make sure that your television is set for the proper HDMI port you selected in step 3.

If you are not seeing live Evoca programming, the best plan is to try a different location for your antenna. You can also check the LED panel on Scout to ensure you are receiving a strong broadcast signal. (Click here for the LED indicator reference).

For information on how to install your antenna, watch our video tutorial or reference the Quick Start Guide that came with Scout. 

If Scout’s LED light is blinking yellow, signal strength isn’t strong enough and you will need to try a new location for your antenna (click here for our LED lighting reference). Your antenna’s user manual is also a very helpful resource. 

If you continue to have problems, don’t hesitate to call our customer service at 877-EVOCATV or email us at

If you own an antenna that you are currently using to watch television, you should be in great shape for Evoca’s service.

If you don’t own an antenna, Evoca makes several antennas available to customers for purchase during the ordering process. We will also recommend others.

Still have questions? Call us at 877-EVOCATV or email us at 

Place your antenna in a location to receive the strongest signal, knowing that it may take a few tries to get it right. Keep in mind the following: 

  • Point towards Evoca’s broadcast tower. 
  • Higher is better.
  • Try windows and walls. Newer homes tend to have high quality, thick windows which impede an antenna’s ability to receive a signal.
Your receiver, Scout, will blink yellow if the signal strength from Evoca’s tower is poor.  If this happens, try placing your antenna in a few different locations. Follow the prompts on your television screen as a helpful guide.

If your coaxial cable can’t reach a desired location, you may need to purchase a longer one.
Alternatively you may use the signal strength tool from your Scout by selecting: Menu > Settings > Signal Strength.

If you have followed the set-up instructions and are still having issues, please call Evoca’s customer service at 877-EVOCATV or email us at  If necessary, we can recommend an installer to visit your home. (Note: Additional charges will apply for custom installation).

Coaxial cable connects your antenna to Scout. It comes with all three antennas we recommend to customers.

  • Our standard indoor antenna comes with a 12-foot cable. 
  • Our amplified antenna comes with a 15-foot cable. 

Since every home is unique, you may need a different length of coaxial cable than what is provided by the antenna manufacturer. If you wish to purchase a longer cable, they are readily available at stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and RC Willey.

Each television set requires its own receiver, Scout. Due to high demand, you are only able assign one TV to a single account at this time. If you want to include additional tv set(s) with your Evoca service, please send us an email at to add your account to our waitlist.

Below is a link to common signals Scout emits to help you set-up your Evoca television service and troubleshoot potential issues.

Scout LED Lights

If your remote doesn’t automatically sync with your television, please reference the following codes for assistance.

Click Evoca Remote Codes for more detail.

At this time, Scout will not work with an over-the-air DVR or TiVo.

Yes, you will need an Internet connection to access your Evoca TV service, though most live and prime time TV shows will be delivered to your home over-the-air without using much Internet bandwidth. We recommend minimum Internet speeds of 5 Mbps.

Using your Scout remote, power up your television. Be sure to switch HDMI input to the television port you connected to Scout. If using Wi-Fi, follow the instructions on-screen to connect to your Wi-Fi network. If you don’t have Wi-Fi, you’ll need to connect Scout to your Internet modem or router (not an Internet booster, if you have one) using an ethernet cable.

Please note: you’ll always receive better reception with a direct connection to the modem using an ethernet cable.

To ensure that your television picks up all available broadcast channels, a channel scan will run automatically when Scout is first powered on. It’s important for your antenna to be connected when this occurs. 

If you don’t see all the channels you expect, reposition the antenna and re-run the channel scan by going to the Menu>Settings>Channel Scan.

Your antenna will pick up the broadcasts of other local TV stations that have a strong enough signal at your home.  In that case, the Scout will operate like an external TV tuner if you select the option to include other local channels in the initial set-up process.  The other local broadcasters are not affiliated with Evoca, so we have no control over the programming or quality of signals they offer.  The quality of your reception will depend on your address, the type of antenna you select, the location you place the antenna, surrounding terrain and structures and other factors beyond our control.

In the initial set-up process, you will be asked: ‘Do you want to include channels from other broadcasters?’ The default is ‘no,’ so you must select ‘yes’ if you wish to receive these channels through your Evoca service. 


If you want to view these channels and inadvertently selected ‘no’ in the set-up process, go into Settings and run a new Channel Scan (Settings -> Channel Scan). You’ll then be given the option to select ‘yes’ when asked about including channels from other broadcasters.

You will have to rescan channels if you disconnect your antenna from your TV and reconnect. Re-run the channel scan by going to the Menu>Settings>Channel Scan.

If we conduct major upgrades to our system that might require a re-scan, we will notify you.

Sometimes your remote will “take a nap” if unused.

If this occurs, simply press any  button on the remote a handful of times to resume communicating with Scout.

This feature will not be live at launch, but we’re working on it. 

You can connect a receiver or sound bar using an HDMI cable.

You can call us at 877-EVOCATV between 9 AM and 6PM, MT, to speak to a customer service rep. You can also email us at

Content / Channels

We will not be providing access to premium channels at launch. But stay tuned! We are working on providing this feature very soon.

We are working fast and hard to provide you this feature so that you easily access the programs you like watching, versus scrolling through a list of those you rarely view. This capability will be provided through Evoca’s guide.

You will not be able to access Netflix and Amazon Prime through Scout at launch. But stay tuned! We’re working to bring you this functionality soon.

At this time, Scout will not work with a DVR such as TiVo. We are working to provide DVR functionality directly through Scout as soon as possible.

Please refer to your Quick Start Guide for how to use the remote.

We currently show 24/7 4K programming on Insight TV. We will periodically deliver 4K sporting events at no charge.

You do not need a 4K tv to access Evoca’s service. However, for the best picture quality and to view programming in 4K,  you will need one.

Evoca offers high quality programming using NextGen TV technology at a price you can afford. On screen, you can access our programming guide, Videos-On-Demand, apps, and games.