Free TV - and other Zoomer/Boomer viewing pleasures

Though Zoomers (Gen Z) are quick to poke fun at Boomers, never before has an age range signified such diametrically opposed habits. Described as the most connected, educated and sophisticated generation ever, the television habits of Gen Z stand out, too. We heard a lot about generational differences in recent focus groups and we’ll take those learnings to heart when we launch Evoca in Boise this year. The tricky part is understanding how to cater

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ATSC 3.0 is Here: Small Cities, Big Opportunities

The following is an op-ed authored by Evoca’s CEO, Todd Achilles As the new era of Next Gen TV (also called ATSC 3.0) beckons, there’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to utilize this expansive new technology to really help millions of Americans—and it’s not the millions who live in urban areas. While it’s the big cities of our country that get most of the attention, there are hundreds of smaller cities whose citizens live in a “television

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What is Next Gen TV?

Next Gen TV will use a traditional TV antenna, with a new digital tuner, to receive 4K television signals that launches TV into the future.

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Evoca Research - What Consumers Want: TV Behaviors & Preferences

Why offer another Me Too Streaming service when there’s an opportunity to offer more —for less? Especially in small and mid-sized markets, consumers have little choice in a television service provider. And a limited selection means higher prices that often ignore TV preferences. Rather than packaging content with a shiny bow and hoping viewers will open, we asked consumers nationwide what they wanted inside that box. Our goal is continuous learning, so we can keep

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Why Now? It’s the Perfect Time for TV

Launching a new television service in the middle of a pandemic may sound crazy but we think this the perfect time to do so. Our dedication to launching Evoca right now is only being validated by news we hear every day.  Families need to be in informed, at the local and national level, of accurate and honest Covid-19 updates. But news can be exhausting after a while. There has to be time to relax with something fun

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