Why Now? It’s the Perfect Time for TV

Why Now? It’s the Perfect Time for TV

Launching a new television service in the middle of a pandemic may sound crazy but we think this the perfect time to do so. Our dedication to launching Evoca right now is only being validated by news we hear every day. 

Families need to be in informed, at the local and national level, of accurate and honest Covid-19 updates. But news can be exhausting after a while. There has to be time to relax with something fun to watch, too. Sadly, access to high-quality programming is out of reach for many families in mid-sized and smaller communities. Lack of fast broadband Internet means streaming services are spotty at best for these folks, while cable packages are certainly not affordable.

Upending this lack of affordable programming is where Evoca steps in.

Stay informed. We’re all staying at home and hunkering down to slow the spread of Coronavirus. Who doesn’t want to know when the curve flattens, how our kids can learn online and what our “back to normal” process will look like? After all, our lives depend on it. 

To ensure the safety of families, however, we need information we can trust. Though YouTube traffic for news views is up 75%, the company has also had to remove thousands of videos for violating disinformation policies related to the virus. 

Whether Jeff Glor, Anderson Cooper or our local anchor is our source of truth, we deserve access to news that keeps us healthy and happy. Evoca tracks our favorite news shows and ensures they get delivered to our homes when it really matters – live.  

Why sacrifice quality? With families working, playing and studying at home, the internet is stressed to the max (like us!). What that means for many people is a poorer quality picture and more stalling out and buffering. In fact, Netflix has halved the bandwidth its 4K Ultra HD streams consume in efforts to ease Coronavirus congestion and YouTube will default to standard definition. 

Whether we’re spending the day conference-calling on Zoom, binge-watching our favorite TV shows or playing video games for hours on end, we all deserve dependable, high quality service. And streaming solely via a fiber-based infrastructure falls short. After all, there’s only so much bandwidth to go around. 

But new innovations in traditional over-the-air broadcast technology will change everything. NextGen TV streams television service straight to the home through the air, delivering high-quality resolution and 4K programming even during peak hours. 

And pay too much? No one is happy with the cost of cable, except cable companies. These companies are quietly building monopolies, leaving small and medium-sized markets especially hard-hit by price gauging, hidden fees and poor service. 

In small markets, these monopolies refuse to upgrade underlying infrastructure. And then they charge the same steep prices anyway. No competition means we have to pay more for poor quality, because what else is there to do? After all, what incentive do they have for lowering prices?

This is flat out unfair, especially during a pandemic when folks are out of work and applying for unemployment. People need better options at a price that’s affordable.

Get catered content. One of the reasons that fees for television service are inflated is the high cost of content. In other words, we’re often paying for a 200-channel lineup when all we really watch is a handful of our favorites, along with our favorite steaming services like Amazon Prime Video. In other words, we’re paying for programming we don’t want or need.  

Evoca stays on top of everyone’s viewing interests and preferences to accommodate programming accordingly. If our day starts with Today’s Hoda Kotb and ends with Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna Gaines, Evoca will deliver what we want, when we want it, at a price we can afford. 

Evoca launches this summer in Boise, ID, and then we’ll roll out to other markets like Phoenix, Missoula and Las Vegas. We are dedicated to providing ultra-high quality news, sports, and entertainment using over-the-air technology that doesn’t clog up your Internet. We’re tired of seeing cable monopolies squeeze hard working families dry, so we offer affordable packages with programming people ask for - not hundreds of channels that go un-watched.

Stay tuned to see when Evoca comes to your neighborhood. We’re working as fast as we can!