About Us

Welcome to a whole new world of TV that entertains, educates and informs.

Evoca was founded by industry veterans with the know-how and the vision to create a NextGen TV solution to take on the “evil overlords” of cable, satellite and streaming TV services. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, reliable TV, even in communities with notoriously poor service and a lack of providers.

Evoca is an entirely new way to watch TV that’s simple, dependable and accessible. Families get quality, affordable TV with no gimmicks, no hidden fees, and no contracts.

From our base here in Boise, Idaho, we’re excited to share the world of Evoca with communities throughout the Mountain West and across the country. With Evoca, TV is within reach for everyone.

Our Mission

Provide families high-quality, reliable television at a price they can afford.

Our Vision

We think all people deserve access to reliable, affordable news, entertainment, and sports. By using NextGen TV, Evoca will reach communities that have been traditionally underserved by providers or plagued by poor service quality. Founded by industry veterans, Evoca offers a reliable, high quality alternative to traditional cable, satellite, and streaming services. We provide customers with transparent, no-contract pricing options and easy to use equipment. Based in Boise, Idaho, we have set our sights on other markets through the Mountain West and beyond.

Our Values

Community: Benefit the communities in which our customers live by providing content that entertains, educates, and informs.

Access: Provide competitive offerings to families in underserved markets.

Transparency: Offer affordable TV with full price transparency – no gimmicks, no hidden fees, and no contracts.

Quality: Consistently embrace new technologies to improve quality and reliability for customers.

Join Evoca

Interested in bringing high quality, affordable TV to Boise and the rest of the country? We’re always looking for talented people. Check out the job board and help us build a smarter way to watch TV.