How does Evoca stack up?

Evoca uses Next Generation broadcast technology to provide high quality, reliable programming at a fraction of the cost of cable. It’s the smart, simple way to watch TV!

How does Evoca stack up to other home entertainment options?

Cable is more expensive. Satellite is inconsistent. Evoca is the only home entertainment option that uses NextGen technology, combining the best of broadcast and streaming to deliver crystal-clear picture quality at a fraction of the cost. For the best Evoca experience, simply pair the Scout receiver with an antenna to enjoy live news, sports and entertainment. And where available, we deliver your favorite shows using an ATSC 3.0 signal that doesn’t hog bandwidth. It’s better picture quality with less buffering, the way TV was meant to be.

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Evoca offers lower pricing with no contracts or hidden fees.

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Plug our Scout receiver into your antenna


Point your antenna at our transmitter tower


Start watching crystal clear TV

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Frequently Asked Questions


Evoca is currently available in Boise ID, Colorado Springs CO, and Phoenix AZ. Keep checking back as we’re continually adding new markets.

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Next Gen TV technology doesn’t need a strict line of sight to the Evoca towers. This is one of the many exciting features of this new broadcast technology. However, there may be certain hilly or wooded areas that have coverage issues. Click here to see if service is available in your zip code.

To access Evoca’s NextGen TV service, you must live in a community where an Evoca television tower is broadcasting. In Colorado Springs, we will offer an OTT service until our tower is up and running in 2022. We appreciate your interest in Evoca and are building out the needed ATSC 3.0 infrastructure as fast as we can. 

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