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Evoca makes it easy to follow the Colorado teams you love with Altitude Sports and Watch the Avalanche, Nuggets, Rapids, Mammoth, Rams, Pioneers and baseball without breaking the bank. More goals. More saves. More slapshots. More home runs. Get Evoca and don’t miss another minute of the action!

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1 Local networks are broadcast over the air by local TV stations that are not affiliated with Evoca and quality of reception will depend on your address, antenna location, surrounding terrain, structures and other factors beyond our control. Newsy and BYUTv channels can be accessed for free and do not require a monthly Evoca subscription fee. See our FAQs for more information.

2 Acorn TV requires a monthly subscription fee of $4.99. NFL RedZone requires a per season fee of $59.99, to be available again for ’22/’23 season.  

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Kasey W.Colorado Springs, CO
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"You guys are awesome! Had Evoca a couple weeks now and really been enjoying it! Thank you guys. Avs games look ️‍🔥"
Crystal N.Pueblo, CO
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"We haven’t been able to watch the Nuggets in years! We are so happy that EVOCA is available in our area! Service is awesome and our customer service rep was absolutely amazing and so helpful!"
Joseph L.Colorado Springs, CO
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"This is almost to good to be true! Forgive the pun but I hope you get an avalanche of new customers."
Casey S.Colorado Springs, CO
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"Thanks, I already recommended you all to 3 of my friends who have been missing the Nuggets games as well."