Meet Scout

Meet Scout

Scout is Evoca’s Next-Generation TV receiver, the heart of our operations. Scout is required to watch Evoca programming in your home.

This blog post is all about Scout - why we use it, how to get help setting it up, and why it’s so special.

What is Scout?

Think of Scout as a receiver, but much, much smarter.

Scout connects your antenna — either indoor or outdoor antenna — to your TV. It has a Next-Generation TV tuner built in, which means it can understand the advanced broadcast signals coming from the Evoca tower, translating it into data your TV can understand. Scout takes advantage of complex Next-Gen TV features, even those that aren’t live yet.

Scout also connects to your Internet, either by using an ethernet cable or WiFi (the engineers tell us they prefer ethernet cable to view higher quality video). The cool thing about Scout is that it delivers live and on-demand programming to your home using both broadcast signals and the Internet, without wasting bandwidth. And that means a high quality picture, even during peak viewing hours.

Here’s what Scout can do:

  • Connect your TV to your antenna so you can watch Evoca television shows.
  • Scan the airwaves for free local channels and premium Evoca channels.
  • Connect to your Internet using WiFi or an ethernet cable so you can stream videos on demand. 
  • Receive ultraHD 4K video from Evoca towers.
  • Lower overall Internet bandwidth usage by integrating broadcast technology.
  • Automatically receive updates from Evoca as more cool features are added.
  • Act as your TV hub (via your remote) to select channels, change settings, set parental controls and more.

Scout uses a simple interface inspired by feedback we got from customer prospects earlier this year. Here are some shots from Scout’s menu screens.

Screenshot of menus used in Evoca's Scout receiver.

Designed in Boise

Scout is the first mass-market Next-Generation TV receiver that isn’t incredibly expensive. This is one important way to keep the cost of our service down compared to cable and satellite TV. 

Scout was designed right here in Boise, Idaho, along with a global network of partners.

How Do I Set Scout Up?

Setting up Scout is easy. We’ve created some technical pages to help you through it. A quick start guide is available in the Scout package as well.

Here’s the first place you can find step-by-step directions to set up Scout.

Prefer video? We have a video to help you set up Scout.

We plan to roll out new features, channels, and content within Scout in the coming months. Stay tuned to find our more.

How Do I Meet Scout?

Want to see if Evoca is available in your area? Check your address for Evoca coverage and get the picture.