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Save $20/month for your first six months.

Bundle Evoca + Sling* $60/mo plus receiver

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*Sling Orange & Blue

Why Evoca?
Evoca gives you access to 60+ channels, including live news, sports, weather, and some of the most popular video-on-demand programming. And catch your favorite local college and high school team sports coverage on MI Sports Now Plus! Evoca uses NextGen TV, so you get a crystal clear picture that uses less bandwidth.


Get Evoca. Add Sling.

And now you can add Sling Orange and Blue to Evoca and enjoy some serious savings! Sling offers your favorite nationally broadcast channels like CNN, The History Channel, Food Network, HGTV, Discovery and much more. It’s everything you want, for less. Get $20 off your monthly rate when you bundle Evoca + Sling.

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Evoca Channel Lineup

The best in regional sports and more.

Evoca Channel

Requires additional subscription

- Free channel with antenna
- OTA (Over the air) channels vary based on location / setup.

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