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July 4, 2024

YouTube TV offers access to 100+ channels and offers a wide range of amazing features. The best part — you can try upto 85+ channels with the YouTube free trial.

In this article, I’ll walk you through all the available free trial options for YouTube TV, helping you easily claim your free trial. I have also shared additional details that you need to remember. 

Stick with me until the end to grab YouTube TV for free!

Does YouTube TV Offer a 30 Days Free Trial?

As of now, YouTube TV 30 days free trial isn’t available. The 30 days has been discontinued by the officials.

However, you can still try YouTube TV — BASE and Spanish plans.

YouTube TV Plans Trial DurationSignup Link
Base Plan 2 Days Here
Spanish Plan7 DaysHere

What’s more, you can try both plans for 90 days extra by paying $57.99. Refer to the screenshot below.

Now you have the option to choose from both the plans and claim the two days offer without any hassle.

YouTube TV Free Trial Length: Over The Time

One of the biggest confusions is, how long is the YouTuve free trial?

I know I’m not the only one confused with the duration. To help you understand better, here is a timeline that you can follow. 

Free Trial TimelineAvailability 
YouTube TV free trial 3 months$10 off for the first 3 months on base plan
YouTube TV free trial 14 daysNot available
YouTube TV Free trial 21 daysAvailable
60 Days YouTube TV Free Trial$10 off for the first 60 days on base plan
YouTube TV 30-day free trial on 4K PlusAvailable
YouTube TV 7-day free trialFor various channels

Note – The 7-day free trial availability depends on your chosen streaming platform. Additionally, the free trial availability will vary, depending on your region.

YouTube TV Free Trial Timeline

What’s Included With YouTube TV Free Trial Offer?

YouTube TV’s free trial allows subscribers to explore the service’s full range of features. 

During the free trial period, users can access the following content:

  • Over 85 YouTube live television channels.
  • A cloud DVR with no storage limits enables them to record live TV and watch it conveniently.
  • Simultaneous streaming on multiple devices so different household members can watch what they like.
  • Access to major networks that broadcast news, sports, and entertainment.

During the trial, users can experience YouTube TV’s service, which consists of live TV from popular networks and the convenience of YouTube TV’s platform without commitments. They can opt out easily before the trial ends to prevent any charges.

How To Sign Up For YouTube TV Free Trial? (Step-By-Step Guide)

Follow this step-by-step guide to sign up for the YouTube TV free trial:

Step #1: Head to the YouTube TV homepage.

Step #2: Click the Try It Free button.

YouTube TV Free Trial - Click The Try It Free
Source: Youtube TV

Step #3: Log in to your Google account.

Choose An Account
Source: Youtube TV

Step #4: Enter your ZIP code and select Next.

Step #5: Click on the Start Free Trial button.

Step #6: Review all the channels included in the base package in your area, then select Next.

Review All The Channels
Source: Youtube TV

Step #7: Select the premium add-ons you wish to include, then select Next.

Step #8: Finally, confirm the details of your subscription.

Details of your subscription
Source: Youtube TV

What Happens When Your YouTube TV Free Trial Ends?

Once the trial period concludes, your account will automatically charge the regular subscription fee for YouTube TV. The subscription cost is currently $72.99 per month, though this price is subject to change. 

However, you have the option to cancel your trial subscription at no cost before the trial ends. Additionally, you can cancel your paid YouTube TV membership at any point.

Can You Extend Your Free Trial?

No. You cannot extend your free trial, but you can upgrade to the premium plan. 

As a new user, you will now get $10 off for the first 3 months of your plan. This means you can opt for the plan at only $62.99/month. 

youtube tv base plan

Understanding YouTube TV Pricing & plan!

Here’s a breakdown of all the YouTube TV pricing and plans:

Base Plan$57.99/month
Spanish Plan$34.99/month
NFL Sunday Ticket Bundled or standalone$87.25/month
Youtube TV Pricing
Source: Youtube TV

What Does The Base Plan Include?

  • Offers 100+ live channels, including sports, news, and entertainment.
  • Includes unlimited cloud DVR storage to record your favorite shows and movies.
  • Special features like Key Plays View allow you to see highlights from recorded sporting events quickly.
  • Let’s create up to 6 household accounts and stream on three devices simultaneously.
  • Costs $57.99 per month after a $15 discount for the first three months (a total discount of $45).

What Does The Spanish Plan Include?

  • Offers more than 30 Spanish language networks.
  • Includes unlimited cloud DVR storage to record your favorite shows and movies.
  • Special features like Key Plays View allow you to see highlights from recorded sporting events quickly.
  • It lets you create up to 5 household accounts and stream on three devices simultaneously.
  • Costs $34.99 per month.

What Does The NFL Sunday Ticket Bundled or Standalone Include?

  • Catches every out-of-market Sunday afternoon game (availability may vary).
  • It can be bundled with the YouTube TV Base Plan for a total cost not shown in the image, but you can learn more about it on the YouTube TV website.
  • Available as a standalone purchase, but the pricing isn’t shown in the image.

Which YouTube TV Plan is Right for You?

Refer to the details given below to choose a YouTube TV plan that is right for you:

1. Choose Base Plan, if: 

This plan lets subscribers watch on three devices simultaneously and use unlimited Cloud DVR storage, making it a comprehensive package for families and shared households.

2. Choose the NFL Sunday Ticket Plan if: 

For those seeking additional sports coverage, YouTube TV provides a plan with NFL Sunday Ticket. This package is perfect for sports enthusiasts looking to catch every out-of-market Sunday afternoon football game.

3. Choose a Spanish-language Plan if: 

Additionally, a Spanish-language plan caters to viewers who prefer programming in Spanish.

On-Going YouTube TV Deals After Free Trial 

YouTube TV offers many promotional deals throughout the year. Below, I’ve shared ongoing YouTube deals to consider after the free trial ends.

1. $50 off NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV

For new subscribers to the NFL Sunday Ticket service, YouTube TV is offering a $50 discount on the purchase price until February 28th, 2024. Please note that this promotional offer does not include a free trial period, and any amounts paid are non-refundable. 

Sunday Ticket

You must maintain an active YouTube TV Base Plan subscription to access your NFL Sunday Ticket membership. The promotional value associated with these subscriptions cannot be transferred, resold, or redeemed for cash.

2. 1-Day Offer for Verizon 5G

The YouTube TV 1-Day Offer is a special promotion extended to participants who subscribe to Verizon’s 5G Home service and have already signed up for YouTube TV. 

1-Day Offer for Verizon 5G
Source: Verizon

Since these individuals may not be eligible for the standard trial offer, they can take advantage of a 1-day trial period instead. 

This 24-hour trial window begins immediately after signing up. Please note that this offer can only be redeemed once per user and is not available for repeated redemption.

3. 4K Plus add-on

Eligible YouTube TV Family Managers in the United States with an active subscription can access the 4K Plus add-ons by going to the membership settings on any browser. 

They can enjoy a 30-day free trial of the 4K Plus add-on, followed by a discounted offer price ranging from $4.99 to $9.99 monthly for the next 12 months. 

4K Plus add-on

Once the 12-month promotional period ends, the regular $9.99 monthly fee for the 4K Plus add-on will apply. This offer is exclusively available to select Family Managers who are first-time subscribers to the 4K Plus add-on and meet the eligibility criteria.

4. $15 off your first three months of YouTube TV Base Plan

From March 19, 2024, at 11:00 am PST through July 31, 2024, at 11:59 pm PST, YouTube TV is offering a discounted Base Plan subscription to eligible participants residing in the United States and living in markets where the service is available. 

YouTube TV Base Plan

This promotional offer may be extended beyond the current end date. It is exclusively open to new users who have never subscribed to the YouTube TV Base Plan or participated in any previous YouTube TV trials.

How To Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial?

If you wish to cancel your YouTube TV Free trial, you can do it within a few steps using the guide mentioned below. 

Step #1: Go to tv.youtube.com  using a computer or your mobile web browser.

Step #2: Select your profile photo.

Select your profile photo
Source: YouTube

Step #3: Go to Settings 

Go to Settings 
Source: YouTube

Step #4: Open Membership and then click on Cancel Membership in front of YouTube TV. 

click on Cancel Membership
Source: YouTube

Step #5: Click Manage -> Pause membership.

Click Manage
Source: YouTube

Step #6: Hit the Cancel button. 

YouTube TV Alternatives

Here’s a table representing YouTube TV alternatives you can switch to for similar and advanced features as YouTube TV with a free plan.

AlternativesHulu +Live TVSling TV Fubo TV
DescriptionCombines Hulu’s extensive on-demand library with live TV.Affordable, customizable live TV with a focus on flexibilitySports-centric streaming service with a strong international selection.
Free trial YesYesYes
What does it offer?Offers a mix of live TV channels (news, sports, entertainment) plus access to Hulu’s large on-demand catalog of shows and movies. Includes Disney+ and ESPN+.Offers two base packages (Orange & Blue), each with a different channel lineup. Extensive add-on options for sports, comedy, news, etc.Large focus on sports channels (including international sports), plus a mix of news and entertainment. Various add-on packages are available.
PricingStarts at around $69.99/monthStarts at $40/month for either the Orange or Blue package.Starts around $74.99/month for the Pro plan.

Recommended Read: You can check out our detailed comparison of YouTube TV vs Fubo TV to learn which platform is better. What’s more, you can also check Paramount Plus 7 days trial for diverse TV shows and movies at a reasonable price.

YouTube TV Free Trial Review: User Opinions

To help you understand the real-life insights of YouTube TV users, I’ve shared a few user reviews below:

1. Calite

Loved it. I especially like the unlimited recordings.

Coming from the cable, I initially missed having channel numbers I had long ago memorized. I solved the problem by creating a custom order, sorting it by category (local, news, sports, movie channels, etc.) and then alphabetically within each category. Now, it is easy to scroll fast to any channel.

Source: Reddit

2. CheesiestSlice

I love it because it fits my needs perfectly. You will hear many criticisms. I think if you have a good ISP, it’s really, really good.

Source: Reddit

3. PNWoutdoors

I love it. Annoyed that the price is a lot higher now than when I initially signed up, but I like news and sports, so I need a live TV solution, and YTTV is pretty damn great.

Source: Reddit

4. Rommel Romualdez

If you’re looking to cut the cord, YouTube TV is a solid choice. YouTube TV combines the best of all things TV and streaming have to offer with access to live TV, on-demand movies, full seasons of popular TV shows, unlimited DVR space, YouTube videos, and the latest news clips.

Source: Quora

Final: YouTube TV Offers A 2/7 days Free Trial

YouTube TV offers potential subscribers a 2/7 days free trial to explore its features, including live TV channels, unlimited cloud DVR storage, and simultaneous streaming on multiple devices. 

The service offers various plans, such as the base plan, Spanish plan, and NFL Sunday Ticket bundle, to cater to different viewing preferences. 

You can use the free trial to assess if YouTube TV suits your needs before committing to a subscription.

Got questions? Drop them in the comments below!


How long is the YouTube TV free trial 2024?

For new YouTube TV subscribers, the platform provides an enticing opportunity to experience its top-tier 4K Plus add-on free of charge for an extended period of 30 days. Moreover, in addition to this trial of the premium 4K offering, all newly registered customers are eligible for complimentary 7-day access to the base YouTube TV package.

Will I be charged for a free YouTube TV trial?

You won’t be charged during the free trial period, but you’ll usually need to provide a credit card. If you don’t cancel before the trial ends, you’ll be automatically charged for the subscription.

How much is YouTube TV for the first 3 months?

New YouTube TV subscribers can enjoy a discounted introductory rate for the Base Plan, paying $62.99 per month for the initial three months. After this promotional period, the regular monthly price of $72.99 applies.

How do I get a YouTube TV discount?

If you both sign up for a new YouTube TV subscription through your friends, you can receive a discount on your subsequent monthly payments. You must have a registered YouTube TV Base Plan and be a paying member to take part. Your referral will receive a reduced first month of YouTube TV if they are a new subscriber.

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