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TV Everywhere

July 21, 2023

Evoca Subscribers Can Now Catch The Game on the Go. Starting July 20th, customers can sign up for free via their Evoca account portal to start watching live games, sports coverage and more on the go.

Calculate Your Savings With Evoca

If cable and satellite bills have been emptying out your wallet, it may be time to switch to the next big thing in TV. With Evoca, you can watch live tv, movies and sports and with enough cash leftover to invest in yourself.

Calculate the savings for yourself!

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Evoca Explained

Watching TV Should Be Easy Now there’s a better way to watch TV with family and friends. Evoca is a new TV service with your

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Scout receiver by Evoca TV

Meet Scout

Scout is the smart receiver that connects your TV and antenna to Evoca’s cutting edge wireless TV service.

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